Edward Lucie-Smith


Edward Lucie-Smith is a Jamaican by birth, but lives in London, England.


He took his B.A. degree at Merton College, Oxford in 1954. A free-lance writer, Lucie-Smith has published several collections of poetry that have won awards, including A Tropical Childhood and Other Poems (1961).


He has also translated some works of poetry, including Paul Childen’s collections.


Lucie-Smith is well-known not only as a literary but also as an art expert.


He has published a number of articles and studies about the history of both British and French art, and about trends in modern art.


Lucie-Smith’s extensive production includes such works as Late Modern: The Visual Arts since 1945 (1976), Art in Britain 1969-70 (1970), A Concise History of French Painting (1971), Eroticism in Western Art (1972), Art Now: from Abstract Expressionism to Superrealism (1977) and Art in the Seventies (1980).


Lucie-Smith is considered highly for his long career as poet and art critic, and as an expert in the arts

Michael Duffy


The American Michael Duffy took his Ph. D., majoring in art history, at the University of Illinois, Urbana.


He has written several articles on European and American painting and on 18th and 19th century art theories and criticism.


Duffy teaches art history at the University of East Carolina, Greenville.

Christian Grente


The French Christian Grente is a well-known poet and cultural expert. He acted as curator of several art exhibitions 1988-1994.


He has also produced literary and cultural programmes on the Radio Chansons Francaises - ja Nostalogie - radio stations, and has himself taken part in a number of radio programmes. Grente designed the Félin de Villeneuve-Saint-Georges art exhibitions 1993-95.


In addition he is the representative for the Val de Marne département in the Prix des Métiers d’Arts jury.

Tapio Varis


Tapio Varis is a professor of media culture and communication education at Tampere University, Finland, and a docent of communication at Helsinki University.


Previously he has acted in such capacities as Director of the Training Centre at the Helsinki College of Industrial Art, professor at the University of Lapland, and visiting professor in Salzburg, California and Venezuela.


In addition he has lectured in several countries round the world. Varis has written over 200 scientific publications and a large number of newspaper articles.


He has further taken part in the making of several radio and TV programmes.


Together with the artist Juhani Palmu, Varis has helped to run communication and art education courses and video conferences presenting Palmu’s art, inter alia in Galicia, Spain.

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Juhani Palmu, Galleria Strindberg