"The secret of Palmu’s art is his understanding of the essence of human beings.


His art has a special intimacy, guiding the viewer into the depths of the soul, into forgotten and subconscious memories".


Art historians Edward Lucie-Smith and Michael Duffy, art critic Christian Gente and professor of media culture and communication education Tapio Varis write of Juhani Palmu and his art.


 With over 80 coloured pictures.


Sielunsinfonioita conveys an image of an exceptionally versatile artist, who has expressed himself in painting, graphic art, sculpture, textiles and stage design.


Available in Finnish/Swedish, English/German or French/Spanish versions.


Published: Otava.


Inquiries: info@juhanipalmu.net

Edward Lucie-Smith:

"Juhani Palmu communicates through traditional means of art"

Michael Duffy:

"Harmony at the treshold"

Christian Gente:

"The Most French of the Finnish Painters"


Tapio Varis:

"Communication and Identity"

Symphonies of The Soul

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Juhani Palmu, Galleria Strindberg