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Sven Strindberg, author and artist, was connected to Swedish cultural history by nature of his family roots. His father, Johan Strindberg, was involved in the Art wholesale business in Stockholm.


So therefore Sven chose a similar business career at an early age. After studying in New York he settled in Helsinki where he established a picture framing business. He carried out business abroad as well as in Finland.


From abroad he ordered many different objects but specifically postcards and prints. The glass and wood needed for the actual framing was purchased from Finnish suppliers. In the beginning, besides the actual artwork, the selling of postcards and prints were a very large part of the business.

Strindberg Art Gallery opened in 1913. Sven continued the framing business from a different address. He returned back to Stockholm in 1916, where he started working as a attendant at the hiljevalch's Art Gallery.


Strindberg's Art Gallery in Finland was taking care of by Arvid Lydecken, who managed the Art Gallery until he died 19% After this the Gallery was managed by his widow, Maj-Lis l ydecken.


Under Arvid Lydecken's management many artists had the chance to get noticed within the art world. The Art Gallery also had it's own artists with their signature style.

Strindberg Art Gallery exhibited well known foreign painters, for example; Wassily Kandisky and also famous Finnishh painters like; Eero Nelimarkka, Yrjii Ollila, Pekkka Halonen, Ester Helenius, Ellen Thessleff, Gle Kandelin, Uuno Alanko, Birger and Mikko Carlstedt, Alice Kaira and 411i Miettinen.


Fortunately the Gallery's missing records and document's were discovered in 2000. Artist Juhani Palmu has filed these documents into the archives of the National Gallery of Visual Art, where the file has been arranged and microfilmed.


These unique documents opens the window into the past, revealing details of old art history and business as well as artistic life at the time.


The century of Strindberg years includes economic ups andd downs, wars and rebuilding. These documents tell us the story of art from a business point of view as well as giving us the colourful enjoyment of the art itself.

Galleria Strindberg History

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